Twiggy – Adoption Applications Closed

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, ACDR is accepting applications for Twiggy, a beautiful 2 year old female, black and tan, dachshund/beagle mix. She is very sweet and deeply loyal to her people once she gets used to them!

She is currently 29.5 lbs but is currently on a weight-loss journey and her new family will need to continue working at helping her get down to her perfect, healthy weight.

Twiggy, like most dachshunds, does take a bit of time to warm up to people and can be protective and growl at first with new people, but once she feels secure, her fun, playful side comes out! She loves to play and will bring every toy she has to you to play fetch, but she is also happy to amuse herself and have a good chew, or just be a couch potato. Squeaky toys and balls are her absolute favourite. She will share her toys and wants to play with other dogs, but can get overwhelmed if the other dog gets too rambunctious.

She is house trained and goes out on a leash to do her business, but she does take quite a while to decide where she wants to go and expects a treat immediately upon arrival back in the house post pee as a reward. Leash walking is still a work in progress so a bit of patience is still needed while she figures out how to go for walks beyond the yard. A fenced yard would be a plus!!

She sleeps well in her own bed with a blanket, but would also be happy sleeping in the big bed, as long as she can get up herself. She is learning that being picked up is safe and has a few sensitive areas that she does not like to have touched, but her foster family is working on desensitizing her.

Twiggy is known to have had seizures prior to being surrendered. However, with only 1 seizure in the 3 months since being in our care, she only needs to be monitored, with no medication required. Due to her seizures and being nervous of new sights and sounds, Twiggy would do best in a quieter home with older dog savvy children.

She loves to climb up behind you on the couch and snuggle in for a nap and be spoken to softly. She gives kisses and will present her snoot to boop. She gets along well with other dogs as long as they are receptive to her cues, and she is unfazed by cats. Twiggy simply needs a safe place where she will have time to decompress and have a chance to give 100% love to her new fur-ever family.

This could be your ☘lucky☘ day. If you would love TWIGGY to be part of your family, read below on how she can be your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. ☘️⭐️🌈

✅ Ok with other well-mannered dogs
✅ Does well in the car
✅ Housetrained
✅ Ok with cats
✅ Ok being left alone for periods of time
⚠️ Dog savvy children age 8+

* If you think Twiggy may be a perfect fit for your family, please complete an adoption application at:
* If you already have an application on file, you can send us a message or email at and ask to be considered for Twiggy. No need to submit another application.
* Due to limited resources, only applications that fit Twiggy’s requirements will be contacted for a potential adoption trial.
* We only adopt to NS, NB, PEI & NL. Matches are not based on proximity to the dog, but on the best fit for the dog.
* The successful family will be responsible for picking up Twiggy from her foster location.
* Adoption fee is $450 payable by e-transfer or cash.
* Twiggy is located in Nova Scotia.

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