The Texas 6

ACDR - Texas 6

In April (2019), our wonderful ACDR Volunteers travelled to New Hampshire to meet a transport coming from Texas with six Dachshunds from the Dusty Puddles Rescue.  Welcome to Canada!

Scooter Rocking His New Wheels

ACDR - Scooter

In May (2019), Scooter was fitted with a custom wheelchair that was able to be purchased through generous donations and fundraising campaigns.

Scooter's Breakfast Dance

Dee Dee's New Wheel's

Dee Dee - Nov. 2019

We want to show you what happens when supporters come together and raise money for a Dachshund in need.  As many of you know, Dee Dee required a wheelchair to assist with her mobility issues.  ACDR put a call out for donations and generous supporters raised money for Dee Dee to get her custom wheels.  Dee Dee has had her wheelchair for a couple of weeks now and she flies around in it.  Dee Dee wants to thank everyone who donated to her cause.

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