Bella – Adoption Applications Closed

Bella is a sweet, gentle 7 year old short-haired, black & tan female, weighing approximately 15 lbs. She’s very happy-go-lucky and wants to be everyone’s friend. She has been good at initial meetings with younger children and babies, however she will need to be in a home with older children only. She enjoys car rides. She is low energy and loves being carried when not sleeping in your lap. But she also loves to play ball and will play fetch inside. She is smart and will happily work away at a puzzle ball to get her meals. She knows basic commands and like most dachshunds, she is driven by treats or affection.

With her foster family, Bella sleeps under the covers in bed at their feet and will sleep 12 hours a night without waking up. She is good with grooming of her ears, teeth and eyes, but does not like to have her nails done.

Bella is 80% house trained and is very good at going outside to do her business…even in the rain! However, her new family will need to be consistent with taking her out on a regular schedule.

Bella is leash trained but, as she is low energy, she’s a slow walker and does not require multiple daily long walks. Two 15 minute walks a day and she is totally happy.

Bella does not do well being left alone at all. She has separation anxiety, whether she is alone 5 minutes or 5 hours. As she is good with other dogs, she would do well in a home with another dog and where her humans are not away from the home all day.

Being a typical dachshund, Bella does bark loudly at noises or when she sees people out the window walking by. However, she has no resource guarding or aggression issues whatsoever.

✅ Endless love and affection!
✅ Good with other dogs
✅ Children 8 years and older
✅ Good with cats
⚠️ Almost fully housetrained, but needs to be monitored and
taken outside regularly
⛔️ Given Bella’s separation anxiety, she will need a family where
someone is either a stay-at-home parent, works from home,
able to take her to work with them every day, or is retired.
⛔️ Due to barking and her separation anxiety, Bella is not suitable
for an apartment

• If you have an application already on file within the past year and
think Bella may be a perfect fit for your family, you can send us a
FB message or an email at, and ask to
be considered instead of submitting another application.
• Due to limited resources, only applications that suit Bella’s
requirements will be contacted for a potential adoption trial.
• We only adopt to families within NS, NB, PEI & NL. Matches will
be based on the best fit for the dogs, not based on proximity.
The successful family will be responsible for picking the dog up.
• Applications close on Sunday, January 8, 2023, 12 noon
• Adoption fee is $350 payable by e-transfer or cash
• Bella is located in Nova Scotia

3 thoughts on “Bella – Adoption Applications Closed”

  1. Sharon&Ian McLaughlin

    Dear ACDR,
    Very recently our beloved Ike crossed the rainbow bridge. Heartbroken as you can imagine. Ike was adopted through the PEI Humane Society in 2015. Previously we adopted 2 dachshunds through CDR Toronto (when we lived there).
    We live on 3 acres in Belfast, PEI. Bella, or a doxie like her, would be such a welcome addition. We are seniors and retired. We’d prefer an older dog.
    Please think of us should you have an older dachshund needing a loving home with lots of room to explore.
    Sincerely, Ian and Sharon McLaughlin
    3022 Garfield Rd, Belfast, PE. C0A 1A0
    902-388-2041 (cell)

    1. Hello. I’m so sorry for your loss.
      I would recommend you complete and submit an adoption application form on our website. It can be found on the Available for Adoption page under the Our Dogs tab at the top of our main page. Applications are kept on file for one year. You can indicate a specific dog on the form, or submit a general application and then message us when you see a dog you think would be a good match. In the meantime, continue to follow us on FaceBook and/or our website for updates on dogs in our care.

      Thank you for your interest.

      Laura, Communications Coordinator

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