Chip (Nov 15/21)

This little fellow came into ACDR’s care over the weekend. He is only 8 weeks old and his new foster family has named him Chip. We’re only just learning about his personality, but what we do know so far is that he’s even more adorable in person than he is in his pictures!
You can see what unique and beautiful markings Chip has, different from most dachsies we see, as well as his blue eyes. This is called a dapple, (often referred to as ‘merle’ in other dog breeds, or sometimes Isabella). Dapple is a pattern seen across all colours of dachshunds, and the blue eyes are only seen with that pattern. So far, so good. But unfortunately, that’s just his surface appearance. Both of Chip’s parents were dapples as well. Why unfortunate? Well, when two dapples are bred together, often to guarantee those unique and desirable markings in the puppies, the result is called a double dapple. And genetically speaking, this is a Very Bad Thing. Double dapples are prone to a range of hereditary health issues including the risk of being born deaf and/or blind. And if these dogs are mated in the future, these medical issues will be passed down to subsequent litters.
As beautiful as these double dapple dogs may be, they are often a result of irresponsible breeding; if you want a puppy, you need to make sure to look for a reputable breeder, meet the puppies’ parents, and know their genetic background to assess for potential medical and temperament issues. In Chip’s case however, his parents weren’t in fact supposed to, um, “hook up.” But accidents sometimes happen, which is why spaying and neutering your pets is SO important!!!!! When Chip’s owner realized what had happened, he reached out to us for help, rather than allowing the puppy to go to someone who would not be aware of his potential health issues, or worse, wouldn’t care. This is what responsible dogs owners do, and why rescues exist; we are SO grateful that he made the best decision for his pup!
This precious little boy won’t be available for adoption for quite some time. He first needs to settle in with his foster family and have his initial visit with the vet to be fully assessed for any possible health issues. And before finding his forever home, Chip will need to be neutered…but because he is still so young, that can’t happen for several months yet. In the meantime, stay tuned, as he grows we promise to keep you updated on his progress.

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