Feature Dog of the Month for December

Tony is one of the seven amazing and brave dachshunds in our Compassionate Care Foster program. Every month we will be highlighting one of these dogs so we can shower them with all the love and attention they deserve, as well as to raise awareness about the compassionate care foster program.

Tony is a 9-year-old mini black and tan. His entire life changed in June 2020. He was so loved…until his owner…his dad…his person, developed dementia and was no longer able to care for himself and Tony.

When Tony first came into our care, it was quickly realized he had several medical issues which had gone untreated for quite some time. His teeth were in terrible condition, he had what appeared to be cataracts, and he had a large lump on his chest. Tony had 14 teeth and a large mass removed. He was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and two months later underwent surgery at the Atlantic Veterinary College in PEI to remove the tumour. Since then, Tony has stabilized and is not on any medication, other than prescription eyedrops for his cataracts, to help prevent glaucoma. Due to his health issues, it was decided that Tony would stay in the care of ACDR in our Compassionate Care Foster program as it is difficult to ask an adopting family to take on this level of care, both physically and financially. Not to mention emotionally.

Tony has remained with his foster mom Katherine and her family. They stepped up to the plate and agreed to be Tony’s permanent foster. How is that different than adopting him? Well, they are going above & beyond, committing to providing palliative care for the rest of Tony’s life. This takes a very special kind of human. What does this mean for ACDR? Well, no matter what Tony needs, ACDR will take on the financial burden of his care.

Most recently Tony was diagnosed with a large kidney stone. Given the location and type, it cannot be dissolved with medication and the vet is not recommending surgery given his age and health issues. He was treated with pain meds and anti-inflammatories, which have helped him feel so much better. He’s not in any pain now and is back to loving life with his compassionate care foster mom and family.

With compassionate care fosters like Katherine and ACDR supporters like you, Tony has been given a new lease on life…and for as long as that is, we will be here supporting his needs.
Compassionate care dogs are a major reason why ACDR needs your donations! We cover the full costs of all Compassionate Care dachshunds from vet care to special diets, medications, therapies and more, for the rest of their lives.

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