Gunther – Adoption Applications Closed

Hello, my name is Gunther! I’m 7 years old, weigh about 15 lbs, and have a super soft piebald coat. My fur is pretty thin on my belly, so I get chilly sometimes, but if you rub my belly lots, maybe it will grow more hair? I’m a quick study and recently learned to go outside to potty – sometimes I like to run home as fast as I can when I’m done. I’m building my stamina and LOVE to walk even if I sometimes forget not to pull. I also love the water so please take me to the beach! Sometimes I bark at people or other dogs when I’m walking, but I just want to make friends. I’m mostly VERY quiet, but a knock on the door can startle me.

I love riding in the car and don’t care where we’re going. I’ll wait in the car for a few minutes while you run an errand, just bring me a treat when you come back! I like to play fetch with my favourite ball and it’s extra fun when the ball bounces so I can try to catch it.

Most of all, I just want to be with you no matter what you’re doing. I get sad staying home by myself and will cry for a bit when anyone leaves me, even if I’m not alone. I don’t like being left completely alone and definitely not for a long time. I will search for you all over, under, and inside everything! I might even chew some things I shouldn’t because it helps soothe my nerves. But I’m so well behaved you can just take me along instead. I’d love a home full of walks, adventures every week, and someone to snuggle and hang out with all the time.

And now a few words from Gunther’s Foster Mom:

Gunther has a huge list of LOVES:
* People
* Pats and scratches! Bring on the belly rubs and kisses and be
ready for lots of kisses in return!
* Daily walks – we are continuing to work on his leash pulling, but
he has come a long way already
* Car rides – a big favourite! He will stop at every car along a walk
and check to see if he can get in it. He LOVES heated seats and
will often go to sleep in minutes on a warm seat.
* Burrowing under blankets on the bed (under the sheets if
allowed, but will sleep on top of the covers under his own
blanket). He will also sleep in his own bed when he’s ready, if
you’re not going to bed yet.
* Being picked up and snuggled.
* Food. He is highly food motivated and his favourite foods are
cheese and peanut butter

Gunther isn’t a big barker although he does bark and chase his tail when excited or stressed. If left alone in the house it takes him a while to settle and by 2 hrs, he will start looking for things to chew. So it is best if his new family is a stay-at-home mom or dad, someone who works from home, or is an active retiree.
Gunther was originally pee pad trained, but he has now been trained to go outside. His new family will need to keep up with his routine.

✅ Ok with other small, well-mannered dogs
✅ Dog savvy children age 6+
⚠️ Has not been fully cat tested, however he has met 2 cats
briefly at the vet’s office and seemed disinterested
⚠️ Untested with crates, but fine with baby gates
⚠️ Housetrained, but needs to continue his routine and to be
taken outside regularly

Last words from ACDR:
* If you think Gunther may be a perfect fit for your family, please
complete an adoption application on our ACDR website at, and tell us a bit about yourself (go to Our
Dogs tab at the top of the page and click on Available for
Adoption from the drop-down menu. The application form is
below the Adoption Process at the bottom of the page).
* If you already have an application on file with us, you can send us
a FB message or an email at, and ask
to be considered for Gunther instead of submitting another
* Due to limited resources, only applications that fit Gunther’s
requirements will be contacted for a potential adoption trial.
* We only adopt to NS, NB, PEI & NL. Matches are not based on
proximity to the dog, but on the best fit for the dog.
* Applications close on Tues, Oct 25th at 12 noon.
* Adoption fee is $350 payable by e-transfer or cash.
* Gunther is located in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

2 thoughts on “Gunther – Adoption Applications Closed”

  1. Hey there! We would absolutely adore to welcome Gunther into our dachshund loving family. It consists of Julian the father, who was formerly a veterinarian but now works from home so he is able to give gunther lots of attention, Viviana the mother who loves being active, Mariana the 17 year old daughter who acts like dogs are babies and loves them, Cata the cousin who has a passion for helping houseless animals, and Cumbia the 4 year old miniature dachshund. He would be very loved in this family and would be taken on walks and tended to his every need. Cumbia gets along well with other small dogs and she would love a brother. We hope to welcome precious Gunther into our family!!

  2. Hi Julian.
    We invite you to submit an adoption application form for this handsome little guy. Directions for accessing the form are outlined at the bottom of Gunther’s bio on both our website and our FB page.
    Thank you for your interest in our rescue and we will await your completed form.


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