Henley – Adoption Applications Closed

Hey everyone, you remember Henley. He is a very dapper male, 6 year old red dachshund, weighing just over 14lbs. Henley has asked us to share some information, so you can get to know him better:

* He is the most affectionate little dachshund his foster parents has ever known. Sleeping beside his person on the couch or on their lap isn’t sufficient. He wiggles his way up their chest, and rests his head on their shoulder to stare adoringly up at them, or he tucks his snout into their armpit and promptly falls asleep.
* When he makes a purring/growling noise, he’s not upset or anxious, but rather he’s REALLY happy and you should feel honoured, it means you’re very special.
* When you ask him to do something that he doesn’t feel like doing, he’ll run to his bed and throw himself upside down to give you his belly as if to say “I’m so adorable, I can get away with anything”.
* He is fully housetrained. He’s got a great bladder, he will pee on command, but can hold it for hours.
* He happily goes into his crate at night to sleep, as long as his human covers him in his blanket. But if given the choice, he would much prefer sleeping under the blankets in his humans’ bed. Preferably sleeping sideways taking up as much room as possible.
* He gets along well his foster dog-siblings, they often sleep in the same dog bed together, especially when it’s about sharing a spot in the sun. When he met his foster parents friend’s very laid back collies, he was not so thrilled. He barked & barked & barked making sure they knew he was the boss. He would do great with another dachshund or similar sized small dog to play with, but it’s not necessary. It’s his people that are important to him.
* He plays a great game of catch.
* He loves being fashionable in a variety of sweaters & coats. He comes running when his bag of outfits is pulled out (yes even the stereotypical hotdog costume).
* He would prefer if you have children that they are a bit older and dog-savvy.
* Although not fully cat tested, he has met one at the vet’s office where he showed interest, sniffed and then moved on to more interesting vet smells.
* He prefers not to be left alone, although he can stay by himself for a few hours before getting anxious. He does not need to be crated and can have the run of the house. He would be happier with a family where someone is either working from home, retired, works part-time, or has odd shifts where he wouldn’t be left alone for more than a few hours at a time.
* He loves car rides.
* He loves to go for walks.
* When he meets new people he can bark quite a bit. He likes to act tough, but when they come up and talk to him, he’ll happily accept their pats and hugs.

✅ Housetrained
✅ Crate trained
✅ Older dog-savvy children only (age 8+)
✅ Good with smaller, well-mannered dogs his own size
⚠️ Untested with cats, but possible with a mature, calm cat
⚠️ Can be left alone for a few hours at a time
⛔️ Due to barking, not suitable for an apartment


* If you think Henley may be a perfect fit for your family, please complete an adoption application by following the link. Click Here
* If you already have an application on file, you can send us a message or email at daxrescue.ns@gmail.com
and ask to be considered for Henley instead of submitting another application.
* Due to limited resources, only applications that fit Henley’s requirements will be contacted for a potential adoption trial.
* We only adopt to NS, NB, PEI & NL. Matches are not based on proximity to the dog, but on the best fit for the dog.
* Applications close on Sun, Feb 26th at 12 noon.
* Adoption fee is $400 payable by e-transfer or cash.
* Henley is located in Nova Scotia.

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