Izzie & Apple – Interim Compassionate Care Fosters


Meet Izzie and Apple, ACDR’s Interim Compassionate Care Foster pair.

Sometimes life is so unpredictable. Although we try to manage as best we can, our pets, through no fault of their own, do not fit into the solution to their owner’s situation. In these such cases, there is rescue.

ACDR had a volunteer able to offer transportation and another to offer their home for these two beautiful weens. We are able to offer interim care while their owner mends in hospital. Ensuring their owner is happy knowing his dachshunds are being loved and cared for, easing his stress and helping him heal. We also provide the family with on-going updates of their days and adventures.

The stress of not being with his dogs must be horrible. But knowing they are being well cared for and loved, as he would love them himself, gives both him and the dogs a sense of comfort.
We are happy to help them all 🥰🐾💕

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