Tobias – Adoption Final

Tobias (Toby) came into care early this summer, surrendered due to increasing behavioural issues. In foster care, Tobias was deemed a bite risk. As a result, it was decided he would remain in foster care long term while we worked with his vet team and trainer to determine the underlying issue.

Under vet care and while working with both his foster Mom and trainer, Tobias was slowly weened off his mood altering medication and we slowly began to see positive changes in his behaviour.

Typically, we post when a dog becomes available for adoption, but Tobias was a special case. We reached out to previous applicants who had family units and lifestyles that would be best suited for Tobias. In working with these families, we were able to narrow the list down to the perfect family for him.

Although Tobias still has reactivity to some situations, he is no longer medicated and is now in a low risk setting, giving him a second chance at living with a family, and being able to continue working at being his best self ever.

Welcome Home Tobias 🥰🐾💕

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