Today I Adopted a Human

Today I adopted a human. It broke my heart to see her so lonely and confused. And suddenly I got her teary eyes to meet mine. I don’t like the smell of sad. I wanted to jump on her so bad. She spoke to me with cuteness and I knew it, I had to rescue her, that human needed me. So I barked with all my strength, I followed her blocks and blocks. I got close, I could smell her hands. The human smiled for an instant and when she took me in her arms, I started to feel her ice cream heart warm. I approached her cheeks and felt a tear roll on them. I looked at her deeply and her response was a brilliant smile. I jumped excitedly into her arms, I promised to behave, love her forever, and never part from her side. How lucky she was to go through that block, down that street and I feel lucky too.

There were so many people walking around and no one was looking at me. All worried, all in their troubles. Glad no one else chose me. Today I saved a life. Today I adopted a human” 🐾 🐶

-author unknown

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