Hi all, Miss Twiggy here.
I’ve been doing well in my foster home. I was seizure-free for two months, so ACDR was preparing me for adoption. But then it happened…I had a seizure on the weekend. It lasted about 1-minute. I’m okay and rebounded quickly. Of course, I was a bit out-of-sorts for the day, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to de-squeak my toys 😁.

I’m still working on losing weight. Small changes have helped, like a balanced diet and exercise routine. Ok, those are my foster Mom’s words. What is really happening is, I go for walks and she measures my food and I don’t get those high calorie and high fat treats. It’s brutal!!! I think there is a report to doggie welfare needed so I can get something other than a carrot, just saying. 😉

Now a word from ACDR:
Although Twiggy went two months without a seizure; having had just the one recently, we will keep her on a MEDICAL HOLD until we can better understand the type of seizures she is having as well as narrowing down a cause. In many cases, dogs can live just fine with them, simply requiring monitoring; not always needing medication.

Thank you everyone who has been writing to check in on Twiggy and inquiring about her availability. She will not be available for adoption just yet…but continue to follow us for updates.

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