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Volunteer Application Form

All items with an asterisk (*) are mandatory

** For proper form submission please open in a web browser, not an App **

We ask that you consider and answer each question carefully as the information you provide assists us in assessing your suitability as a volunteer and the type of dog we can place in your home.

Contact Information:
What are you interested in helping with?*


Home Visits (verify information given on ACDR applications)

Placement Counsellor (contact and interview ACDR applicants, check references and find a suitable dog)

Animal Shelter Liaison (contact and check area animal shelters for Dachshunds and mixes)


Public Relations (working in the ACDR booth at various shows and events, placing ads etc...)

Newsletter Staff (printing, circulation of documents etc)

Other (ideas and suggestions)

Why do you want to become involved in the ACDR?
Please explain your history, involvement, and experience with Dachshunds.
Have you had pets in the past?  If so, please describe.
Please list pets you currently have.  Include the following information in your list: type/breed, sex, age, owned since, comments on personality of each animal.
Are your current pets spayed/neutered?  If no, please explain.
What are your personal beliefs on spaying and neutering?
Are your pets up-to-date on vaccinations and heart worm tests/preventative?
What is your opinion regarding euthanasia?
Do you breed or have you ever bred dogs or any other companion animals?  Why or why noy
Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanour involving mistreatment of animals?  Provide details.
Have you ever been denied privileges by the CKC, AKC, any Dachshund Club or other rescue organization?  If yes, please provide details.
Do you belong to any other rescue organizations currently?  In the past?  Please provide details.
If you have been doing rescue independently, how long have you been doing so?  What was your fee structure?  Did you use an application format?  How many dogs did you place?
Are you willing to transport a dog?  If so, what mile/kilometre radius from your home?
Are you willing to check your local area shelters on a regular basis for Dachshunds and Dachshund mixes?  If yes, please name the area that you would be willing to cover.
Do you feel competent to identify a Dachshund (all coats, sizes and colours)?
Do you feel competent enough to distinguish between a Dachshund mix and another short-legged  long bodied dog?
Please provide us with at least two references in addition to your vet.  We are looking for individuals who can provide us with information about your suitability as a volunteer for ACDR.
Reference #1 Please provide the name, location, and telephone number of your veterinarian (required for all applicants who own or have owned a companion animal).  How long have you been associated with this vet and/or clinic?
Reference #2 Please provide the name, location, and telephone number of someone who knows you well and is not a personal friend - e.g. employer, clergy, associate in an organization, etc.
Reference #3 Please provide an additional reference as in #2.

The Atlantic Canadian Dachshund Rescue is a volunteer-based organization and has policies and procedures that must be followed.  We are a registered non-profit organization and are therefore governed by the policies and procedures of such an organization.  Volunteers accept liability for personal injury or damages caused by a rescue dog or while involved in rescue activities.

I certify that to the best of my knowledge, the information provided in this application is true as of the date on this application.  I agree that submission of this form will constitute a legally signed document.



I give permission for an ACDR representative to call my listed references.  It is understood that any information received will be held confidential.

Thank you for your interest in the Atlantic Canadian Dachshund Rescue.  We look forward to working with you.

Your Volunteer Application has been submitted.  Thank you!

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