Your chance to win 2 custom Adirondack chairs!

For each ticket sold, you will be entered into multiple draws for a chance to win some fabulous ACDR and dachshund swag!!! (eg. Wienerpawlooza t-shirts, 4-pack of dachshund cards, I-like-to-touch-my-wiener stickers, aprons, envelope stickers and more).
Tickets will also be available at Wienerpawlooza on Sunday, July 3 and the Adirondack chairs will be there on display for everyone to admire. ACDR is raising much needed funds for the rescues we are currently supporting…the 4 that came into our care over the past few weeks who are currently on assessment hold, as well as our 6 Compassionate Care dogs.
Thank you for your support….and good luck!

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