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1. Fill out an adoption application. Please write if you are interested in a particular dog or whether you want to be considered for any dog that comes into care.

2. Our Adoption Coordinator then reviews all applications and makes a short list of all applications that are best suited to the dogs needs.

3. The Directors then review the list and decide on which family best meets the dogs requirements.

4. If selected, your references and  vet are called and then a volunteer will do a home visit. During the visit, we are looking for safety issues and will ask you some simple questions. We sometimes try to bring the dog with us when we do the home visit, but this is not always possible due to the location of the dog. We have foster homes all over the Atlantic provinces, so sometimes this is not an option. 

5. If all goes well with your home visit and you would like to proceed with adopting the Dachshund, a time will be set for you to begin your three week trial. During your trial, at any given time you feel it is not working out, you would return the dog to ACDR. If all goes well, when the trial is up, the Dog is officially adopted.

6. Once the adoption is complete, ACDR will then transfer all medical information over to your vet.

ACDR Alumni Sammy and Frodo

Sammy and Frodo - 2016 Rescue

** For proper form submission please open in a web browser or in desktop mode from your mobile device **

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