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Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with the ACDR!  We are always looking for new volunteers to take on various roles in our organization.  


We are in need of:


Foster parents: care for socialize, train and help rehabilitate a dog in your home, Also we would love you to bring your foster to our events for more socialization. A simple background check and home visit is required for this position.


Event Volunteers: help our staff set up, plan and launch special events. Example: our annual weinerpalooza.


Transport Volunteers: help transport dogs around the province. Either picking up a dog and taking them to a foster home or picking one up and transfering to their new forever home,


Home Visit Volunteer: help placement of our foster dogs. Each household needs to be checked before anyone can adopt or foster a dog from us. 


Fundraising Volunteer: assist our board members in setting up fundrasing events throughout the year.

Junior Volunteer: help out at fundraising events.  Go to Junior Volunteer page

** For proper form submission please open in a web browser, not an App **

Rosie - 2016 Rescue
Photo: Kristen Hunter Photography

ACDR Alumni dog Rosie
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